Top 10 Vacation Destinations to visit in India in March 2019

Although March is considered as the end of tourism season in India, it is also the best time to visit many interesting places. We have brought together a list of destinations that are best visited in March for a variety of reasons. With winter just out of sight, the country will be pleasing and beautiful. During this period, you ought to visit the following destinations in your 2018 vacation.

These destinations are picked up for the list of exotic activities it holds that are best visited in March.

1. Havelock Beach

Havelock Beach

Havelock Beach

Voted as one of the best beaches in the world, Havelock Beach is the iconic attraction of Andaman and Nicobar islands. During March, the climate will not be more than 20 degree C and will not drop too low. The lagoons will be refreshingly warm; the underwater sea visibility will be high due to the penetrating sun.

Thus, all water activities will be more entertaining during this season. You can also spot many colorful tropical fishes during this season. The forest regions will not be in bloom yet, but the cover will be fresh and green. You can find many beach activities since the sun is out. In short, Havelock beach best visited in March.

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2. Ooty



The honeymoon capital of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is an interesting hill town. It has all cliché hill station attractions and many interesting places to explore. It is astonishing to see what summer can do to Ooty. March is the end of winter and the beginning of summer. The mist and smog would have disappeared during March. Some of the plants will be at bloom.

The water bodies will be rich with water and thus, you can find boating and coracle ride in almost all water bodies. The trekking routes will no longer be slippery.The sun is not scorching enough to make you sweat but it makes the place warm enough to enjoy all evening activities. The tea plantations and high altitude places like Dodabetta Peak, Tiger Hills and other are best visited in March.

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3. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambhore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

The ideal time to visit Ranthambore National Park is from September to February. What happens to the place in March? March is the time when tourists will be out of sight and yet the beauty of the place will still be intact. With lesser footprint of tourists, it becomes easier to spot large mammals and explore the wildlife safaris.

In March, the mid mornings will be warm enough for the animals to come in search of water with their little ones. Most interestingly, the evenings of March makes the place more beautiful with colorful birds.

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4. Sikkim



One of the perfect places to get out of the hustle of metropolitan city is Sikkim. The valley of Kunchendzonga peak has more than 200 species of rhododendrons and various types of orchids. Most of those will be at bloom in the middle and late March. The place would have warmed up enough for tourists to enjoy water sports in Tsongmo Lake, Rangeet River and Teesta River.

The place will still with breezy and cold during late evening. However, the place becomes more interesting as the mist will be cleared up due to the sun. March is also the best time for shopping as the shops will be stocked with souvenirs and since the tourism crowd is reduced, you can get a better deal.

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5. Coorg

Coorg in Karnataka

Coorg in Karnataka

Coorg is one of the few places in Karnataka that are at prime beauty throughout the year. If you want to enjoy tea plantations and spice plantations at bloom, you ought to visit in March. March is the right time for trekking as the ground would have hardened enough to prevent slipping and the temperature will still be pleasant to avoid sweaty walks. March is also the best time for golfing, sightseeing and other adventure activities. If you love outdoor activities, you ought to visit Coorg in March.

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6. Tawang



This is a small yet serene location in Arunachal Pradesh. The tourists would drain out of the place by the end of February. In March, the place becomes very quiet and thus, attracts honeymooners and romantic couples. In March and April, the place becomes less misty and thus, you can easily spot snowy peak mountains. Sela Top Pass is best visited in March – MayTipi Orchid sanctuarywill also be at bloom from March to May. The best of all is the Losar, a Tibetan festival that takes place in February or March.

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7. Shillong



Out of all the northeastern destinations of India, Meghalaya’s Shillong stands as one of the best. It is popular among tourists who love to enjoy nature. If you are visiting in March, you ought to visit Khasi Hills. Since winter is out of sight, the place will be less misty making it easier to get clear panoramic views.

Long walks in pine forest, waterfall trekking and other outdoor activities becomes more interesting from March to June. The summer is the right time to stay as close as possible with nature in Shillong.

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8. Munnar

Munnar in Kerala

Munnar in Kerala

God’s Own Country – Kerala has timeless beauty and the iconic attraction of this state is Munnar. It is a small and famous hill station of Kerala with interesting and exotic activities throughout the year. If you are visiting in March, you ought to enjoy an outdoor vacation.

Wildlife sanctuary will be blooming with life during this season. The spice and tea plantations will be at bloom. Some plantations allow tourist to pluck the fruits and leaves.

Most importantly, you can find best spots for picnic and trekking during the summer season, which starts in March and ends in June. All exotic activities like elephant ride, spotting mountain goat, boating and others will be at prime beauty during this season. A trip to Nallathanni and Madharpupuzha River is advised in March because of the flawless climate.

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9. Varanasi



This is the Hindu capital of the country. Varanasi is one of the ancient cities that are still inhabited. March is the lean period of the calendar for Varanasi. March is dotted with very few religious rituals. Thus, you can watch the iconic Ganga Aarti without the hustle of the crowd. The temples will be far less crowded.

You can easily enough a quiet early morning Varanasi boat ride or experience exotic rituals. If you are visiting in March, you can be a part of Maha Shivratri, a festival during which people stay awake throughout the night performing interesting rituals to Lord Shiva. It is also easier to shop for souvenirs with lesser crowd.

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10. Jaipur



Jaipur in March reminds everyone of Elephant Festival, Holi and other festivals. You can enjoy elephant polo, elephant dance and much more during this festival. Apart from these cultural attractions, March is the beginning of summer, which indicates that the skies will be very clear for enjoying the space from Jantar Mantar.

March is also the exam time for local students, which ensure less crowd in important tourist attraction spots in Jaipur. The climate will still be pleasing to enjoy long outdoor sightseeing, shopping and other activities.

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This is not the exclusive list of all the attractive places that are best visited in March. Other honorable mentions are Khajuraho of Madhya PradeshWayanad of KeralaLakshadweepGokarna of KarnatakaVrindavan Mathura of Uttar Pradesh and many others. March is the end of tourism season and thus, you can get better deals in accommodation and travel.

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