Travel programs to get you started

Below are some pretty badass travel program offerings that should satisfy any travel itch.

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1. Gap Force: Seven Week Australian Adventure

Seven weeks of surfing, environment conservation, snorkeling the barrier reef and more in Australia. It is a close call, but this Gap Force promises to be a bit more exciting than living in your parents basement.

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2. Bamboo: Two Countries Tour—Thailand and Cambodia

Interested in dipping your toe into international volunteering before making the decision to take the deep plunge? This 14-day program offers a travel and volunteer experiences helping with childcare and community development.

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3. Global Nomadic: Forestry and Wildlife Conservation in Madagascar

Learn about the rich ecosystems of Madagascar while aiding conservation efforts over this two to four week adventure.

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4. Languages Abroad: Live and Learn Japanese in Tokyo

Live in the heart of Tokyo? Check. Private Japanese language tutor? Check. Live with your tutor for a full immersion experience? Check. If you have any interest in Japan or learning Japanese, Language Abroad offers the program for you.

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5. Nacel: Spanish Homestay in Spain

Experience Spain and learn Spanish in a full-immersion experience. Live with a local family, learn about local customs and traditions and enjoy everyday Spanish life while learning the language.

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Whether you want to study, volunteer, teach, intern, or simply adventure travel, there’s a program out there with your name on it. Since there are thousands to choose from, a little help can go a long way on your program search. That’s why we recommend you…

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These little known international travel tips will set you up for success

We know we could’ve focused on smaller, more trivial tips—like roll your clothes instead of folding them—but we figured you have the common sense to know what’s best for you, even if you’re a first-time international traveler. That’s why we focused on these fat international travel tips. Now, you’re bound to have a meaningful, fun, AND safe adventure. YAAASS.

International travel is incredibly rewarding, but it can quickly become stressful without the right preparation. Make sure to do your research beforehand, know the culture and a little of what to expect from each country, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Happy travels!

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